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23rd International AIDS Candlelight Service this Sunday

This Sunday at 6 PM, SHARED, a local non-profit working to bring access to health care to the world's poor, is hosting the 23rd International AIDS Candlelight Service at Temple Sinai on 50 Sewall Av. in Brookline near Coolidge Corner. It is a nondenominational event so those of you who are atheist/agnostic/not religious/not Jewish/EVERYONE is welcome. While it is often grossly misrepresented as a "gay disease", HIV/AIDS is still an important issue in the LGBT community and while I know many of you live further away and or are very busy, I just wanted to let you all know about this event nontheless. Temple Sinai is the temple my family belongs to, so if you want to go but aren't sure to get there, I'll be more than happy to give you directions.

Hope to see you there,

Brokeback Mountain

A friendly reminder....

Save the Date for "Make a Statement." Youth Pride 2007!

11 AM-3:30 PM

WWW.MASSYOUTHPRIDE.ORG for more information.

The BHS GSA will be meeting in front of the school at 11AM to go together....And if you need more of an incentive to go, yours truly will be accepting an award on behalf of GLSEN Boston!

And of course:

An event for youth 22 years of age and younger.
7pm-11pm at Boston City Hall

Standard BAGLY Rules and "frees" do apply while at this event…
As always, BAGLY is free of: sex, drugs, violence, harassment, pressure, weapons, and alcohol. This means: do not engage in sex, violence, harassment, or pressure while in BAGLY spaces. Do not bring drugs, weapons, or alcohol into the space, and do not come to the space under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Tickets $10/person.
OPTIONAL: Tickets can be purchased online up to noon the day before (Friday, May 11th). You can follow the instructions under "events" on their website,

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The BHS GLBTQSA will be watching Rent at our weekly Wednesday meeting at 2:45 in room 236 to celebrate the holiday season. Singing along is not only allowed, it is encouraged. Whether you're a self-proclaimed renthead or have never seen the movie or play it's based on, whether you are current GSA member or a proud alumni you're more than welcome to join us! There will likely be some food as well. (Monica and iE, be sure to bring your DVD copies of the movie!).

Wishing all of you a gay holiday,

Brokeback Mountain


Hi everyone-Youth Pride has been moved due to the rain two blacks from the Boston Common. The new location is The Castle at Park Plaza which is at the corner of Arlington Street and Columbus Ave. The phone number there is 617-457-2281. Or you can call my cell phone at 617-721-9306. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TELL EVERYONE AND ANYONE AND MASS EMAIL THIS TO THEM!


This is going to be the best Youth Pride EVER. We will be warm and in a castle! We will still march as well!
Brokeback Mountain

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I know it's more than a month away, and our priority is the Day of Silence right now, but has anybody registered the GSA for Youth Pride yet? (I'm assuming we're going. Why wouldn't we :-D )I came across the pre-registration form I picked up at the summit we went to last month which stresses how registering in advance is prefered. I don't mind taking the 10-15 minutes to fill out the form and send it to the address, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't done already. (BTW our banners are still in my basement. I just keep forgetting to give them back to Pat)


From a Friend in Arlington <3

Hey there everybody!

The Arlington GSA is holding a movie night this Friday (December 9th) from 5 untill 8. It will be held at the high school in Ms. Holt's room (that's 506.. and yes there will be signs directing you from the main lobby). We're going to be watching "But I'm a Cheerleader" which I hear is extremely funny. It's about a cheerleader who doesnt like kissing her boyfriend, so she gets sent away to a camp that tries to make kids straight. Good plot, right? There will be food and maybe pizza if people seem to want it. Bring more food if you'd like (c'mon kids, this is the Arlington GSA, the more food the better!) and of course bring FRIENDS!!

If you have any questions find me at school or e-mail me at .


(PS. please keep sending this to as many friends and schools as you can!)

PPS. I THINK your advisor [Dev Levy?] is on our mailing list, but still spread the words to kids who don't go to meetings!

Join MassEquality to Rally and Lobby at the Constitutional Convention

Join MassEquality to Rally and Lobby at the Constitutional Convention

In less than two weeks, Massachusetts legislators will again consider a constitutional amendment to revoke equal marriage rights. There will be many opportunities for you to get involved over the coming days, but we wanted you to have this schedule of major events as soon as possible. 

We have suffered a serious setback. Attorney General Tom Reilly today certified the new anti-gay amendment. That means that we will face an enormous, expensive and hurtful fight, potentially for the next three years. 

We are extremely disappointed at the Attorney General's decision. Reilly had the opportunity to save Massachusetts a public fight that will sap millions of dollars and introduce toxic rhetoric harmful to gay and lesbian couples and their families. After 6,500 marriages, it's a travesty that this extreme measure will dominate public debate for the next three years. Why doesn't Attorney General Reilly get it? 

Click here to write a personal letter to Attorney General Reilly: 

We urge you to bring your family, friends and co-workers with you to the State House for these events leading up to the Constitutional Convention. Show your support for marriage equality. 

Equality Rally 
Date: Monday, September 12th 
Where: State House 
Time: Noon - Come on your lunch hour! 

Equal Marriage Lobby Day 
Date: Monday, September 12th 
Where: State House 
Time: 1 PM 

Candlelight Vigil 
Date: Tuesday, September 13th 
Where: State House 
Time: 6 PM 

Constitutional Convention 
Date: Wednesday, September 14th 
Where: State House 
Time: Lines will be forming at 6:30 AM. Constitutional Convention begins at 1 PM. We encourage you to come early if you would like to be inside the State House. 

For more information or to get involved, go to MassEquality or call Amy at 617-878-2307. Volunteers are needed daily for phone banks in the Boston office and for activities around the state. Sign up to volunteer here. For more information, please visit